development service

Template class /USD

Pure H5 page (15-30 pages or less)

30,000 -50,000

B2C Mall and other basic version


Custom class /USD

  • Internet of Things (Bracelets - Simple Health Data) $100,100 -120,000
  • Live APP (Beauty Social Foundation Edition) $180,000 -200,000
  • Broadcasting (Special Edition) $350,000 -500,000
  • Perfect live broadcast system (all aspects of the existing live broadcast features) $3,000,000
  • Social Class (Forum / BBS) $160,000 -180,000
  • Social class (circle of friends / QQ space) $150,000
  • Internet of Things (Data Display + Simple Control) $100,000 -180,000
  • Mall category (Standard Edition) $100,000 -120,000
  • Social class (instant messaging) $180,000
  • Lifestyle Services (Tourism O2O) $200,000 -300,000
  • Financial (P2P) $250,000 -1,000,000
  • Finance (securities trading) $350,000 -450,000
  • Lifestyle Services (O2O) $350,000 -500,000
  • Office (OA time and attendance, process management) $350,000 -450,000
  • Precious metals, etc. (with K chart) $350,000
  • IoT complex (security, video processing, cloud storage) $350,000
  • Internet of Things (smart home package) $500,000 -800,000
  • CRM (salespeople) $1,000,000 -1,500,000
  • Similar to US Mission APP $5,000,000
  • Similar Jingdong App, Taobao App $10,000,000
  • Multi-APP multi-function integrated custom $3,000,000 -10,000,000
The difference
template APP & custom development

Native APP

1, customizable: on-demand customization, as long as you want to achieve the function module, can be developed to complete a series of tandem functions to form a complete native APP. And according to the enterprise in different stages of operation to achieve different functions, constantly updated iterations to meet the changing needs of consumers and increase the user's viscosity, so that the development of the App have a higher virtuous circle, contribute to the long-term development of enterprises .

2, pricing: The price of customized APP is relatively high, APP prices can be tens of thousands, you can also hundreds of thousands, millions are not the same. And the span of this section some large, concrete or functional requirements prevail.

3, the time cost: Custom APP According to the specific needs of the project, from the initial needs analysis, prototype design, UI design, architecture design to the post-code development, testing, etc., demand investment time period compared to template development long.

Template APP

1, template App, its market price ranging from thousands to tens of thousands, compared to App custom development price to be slightly lower.

2, the source code of the App template is owned by App developers, enterprise users need to pay a certain management fee.

3, App data sources mostly exist in the APP developer server. In the meantime, businesses need data for further analysis that can be exported from App developer servers.

4, template App, is a fixed function, a model, not the original App, its internal logic can not be modified, but you can delete pages and features. UI can only do some simple color changes, the main body is not allowed to modify.