Shenzhen APP custom development of smart drinking fountains app

Shenzhen app development company Red Boy Technology said that as the Internet and the development of Internet of Things technology will enter the billions of space for development, kitchen home appliances as the core of the IoT smart products, user needs and product demand will be explosive growth. Intelligent running shoes, smart bath, smart air conditioning, smart refueling, smart lights, smart lights. Smart Drinking APP Development With the development of mobile Internet has opened the door to a smart life, so that our ordinary life can become more and more rich in technology. Smart technology penetration of people's daily life, drinking water can engage in science and technology reminders, so that we can drink the usual water can drink a different feeling.

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In addition to developing the drinking APP software, you also need to link to the smart glass. The smart glass is made of Tritan Copolyester. The safety is no doubt that it will not leave any smell and easy to clean. Just open the drinking APP can easily link the smart cup, after landing you can enter a variety of detailed information, height, weight, etc., with these detailed data, drinking APP will be able to tailor the user's drinking water program. And users can also set up, free to drink a cup of a personalized name.

The core value of water APP development is that you can set the water to remind at any time. APP will sound a message at the time point, prompting the user to drink water, and the capacity of drinking water will be different. APP will all the data clearly shows how much water has been drank in a day, but also how much water to drink, through the habit of drinking water to develop habitual scores how many users are at a glance.

Smart Drinking APP There is also a very intimate tips, but users pour hot water, APP not only calculate the capacity of pouring hot water, but also for the user to calculate the temperature of hot water. Temperature tips are divided into three stages, three stages will be divided into different color labels, so that users will not be hot when drinking water.

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