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Short video APP software development company Shenzhen APP Development Company Red Boy Technology pointed out: all say 2017 short video APP software fire, strictly speaking, "and" fire.

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In 2017, live broadcasts have gradually faded due to the stringent regulatory requirements. As a result, the short video APP software development ushered in the second spring. Based on the original players, new players such as today's headline, pear video and pepper video were added . In addition, there are still some companies directly into the field of short video from the field of live, such as Tencent, excellent soil, love Fantastic Art.

Shenzhen APP development

Short video APP development trends? Accompanied by the advent of the giant, combined with the industry as a whole the financing of the heat up, prompting the short video APP software development industry has drawn much attention. For a time, short video on the live more "money way", the realization of easier arguments began to appear. It is undeniable that the short video now has a new outlet, but whether it is worth rushing into the house, how to stay in the Council after entering, are worth pondering.

Short video APP custom development solutions

Short video APP applications to the vertical breakdown of service content, this is a very fun short video production platform, users can record the size of their own side, and made on the platform into their favorite style, and share with friends .

So what are the solutions for this mobile client? Let's take a look.

1, real name verification

In order to create a green and healthy video atmosphere for the majority of users, this platform requires that every registered user must provide a true and valid personal data, and must pass the platform audit.

2,15 seconds shooting

This application relies on the power of Internet technology for innovation, to provide users with 15 seconds shooting capabilities, allowing users to quickly capture the favorite video.

3, beauty production

Short video APP system in order to meet the diverse needs of users, with a strong beauty production capabilities for users to present a variety of shooting services.

4, video editing

When the user shoots a small video, you can edit the video in the platform to add multiple filter effects to your video, so as to add a touch of bright color to their own small video.

5, chat function

In order to make the user's video life more interesting, this application set the chat function for the user. The user can send text, voice, facial expressions and more.

6, video community

Short video APP development brings together massive video up to people, the platform provides users with video community features, and users can publish their own short video shooting, with the circle of friends to comment, mutual praise.

APP development in Shenzhen on the video APP development prospects, but also exposed some flawed, including content and realization of two aspects.

1. Short video content is uneven. The rude, vulgar content that was originally created for the eye of the blog is receding, and the scarcity value of premium content is on the horizon. In many major short video APP software platform, is still filled with a large number of poor content, but also a great number.

Short video APP software rise, and the production of low threshold, the production process is simple, strong participation and other factors have a great relationship, which makes short videos do not have the same production as the movie and advertising, not to have a professional production team, as long as the content Interesting, there is material will be able to get some communication.

Short video realization limit more. The use of short video APP software to make a lot of people and not many, red is a class, their short video content is more like "advertising", mostly in cash to advertisers sell their own fans. In other words, the amount of fans directly affects the ability of the producers of the content.

For now, the thunder of the short video app seems to overshadow the live stream. Because of the increasing fragmentation in the era of mobile Internet, people have become less and less patient in watching long videos. Short, flat and fast have become the staple foods of fast food culture. Moreover, because a large number of people work and work on the road, because of network restrictions, will not choose to watch live, even if he is a live user, but also take into account the high traffic costs. At this point, short video APP software is better than live streaming.

But the rapid development of short video APP software industry does not mean that anyone can squeeze in to make a fortune. The key to the next development still depends on the commercialization of video content and platforms.

1. Content, short video APP software platform needs to be at the same time guaranteeing quality, vigilance minefields.

The source of short video content is nothing more than two, one is self-made, at present, most self-made short videos are taken by the users that is grassroots and upload, spoof, vulgar, pornographic content proliferation, do not have good spread value. The professional content team, you need copywriting, planning, technology, team, relative professional also need a certain production cycle. However, this kind of content makes it easier to attract stable users and protect their fans. The second is to intercept video, which involves the issue of copyright. A lot of content is based on the interception of the film and television drama clips, popular video clips cut from the moment, copyright IP is more and more important now, I am afraid this kind of content will develop into a hidden danger.

2. Commercialization, short video APP software platform can not simply rely on external blood transfusions, but also have the ability to self-hematopoietic. In fact, the popularity of short video to a certain extent, can bring short-video APP software platform for commercialization. At this stage, the common short video APP software platform business model ads, e-commerce and user payment of these three, short video APP software platform needs in these three aspects continue to plow.

Overall, at this stage of the short video APP software industry really walked in the outlet, many participants, the industry competition is more fierce.

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